All That I Am, All That They Are

Yesterday was my mom’s birthday, and this quote from Abraham Lincoln caught my attention. I thought it was so fitting for the occasion: “All that I am and hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.” You see, my mom is a lot like her mom. As you can imagine, I am a lot like my mom. And if you can believe it, my daughter (who inherited the strongest personality traits from both her father and myself) acts a lot like me! I’ve noticed lately how much my toddler repeats everything I say and models all of my behavior.

I never knew how much I said “ew, sick! That’s gross!” Or “Oh gosh, oh gosh, oh gosh…” until I heard Kaia constantly parroting it back. I have become hyper-aware of how I talk and act in the past few weeks thanks to her. I’ve watched her soothe Micah, saying “aww, Bubba,” the same way I do as she strokes his cheeks. She sees me picking up, and now insists that our throw blankets remain on the couch without touching the floor. She wants to eat when and how we do, she asks to brush her teeth with us, and holds her baby Moana doll, kissing it on top of the head the same way I do her brother.

I wish it was all this sweet and productive. I’ve also cringed watching her scold my in-laws’ dog with the same tone and mannerisms that I use to scold her. If she sees me toss something on the table or laundry on the floor, you best believe she’s doing it too. I see the same sassy eye roll, and hear my same frustrated sighs coming from her lips. It’s hilarious and exasperating all at once. At church last month, someone brought up this idea that you cannot expect your children to be any better than you are. What a thought! What a wake up call for me too. I should not get upset with my kids for being exactly like me!

So much comes with being a mother, but out of all that responsibility, we have the opportunity to be a driving influence in our children’s lives. Hopefully, a positive one at that. I am grateful for the amazing examples of strong, educated, and loving women I have had in my life. I know I wouldn’t be who I am without them, and I hope I can honor them by raising my babies to be just like them. All that they are, and will some day be, I hope that they learn from me ❤




  1. …and I would add that, spiritually, we’ve inherited our Heavenly Father’s characteristics…his spiritual “genes”…which means that we can be as *good* as He is…even until we are “All that He is”. Cool, huh?

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