The Power of Music

A lot of my inspiration comes from our Sunday meetings at church. This Sunday was no different. During teacher council, we discussed ways we could be more receptive to daily spiritual guidance. I LOVE these meetings! I often find that these monthly gatherings bring to mind long forgotten memories, and useful principles that help me conquer my week. They serve as a place for anyone who has been asked to teach to come together, talk about their struggles, give suggestions, uplift each other, and focus on a topic to study and improve on as a group.

As we moved through our discussion, I was reminded of something one of my visiting teachers had told me. Around Christmas time, she stood in ankle deep snow at my front door to drop off some chocolate *bless her* and a CD of primary songs from our Children’s Songbook. She mentioned that in her busy home (3 children aged 6, 4, and 2 years old) when things felt a little crazy, she would play this music and it would calm her heart, and at times, her kids too. I smiled -probably a little too excited about the chocolate- and gladly accepted the gift, humbled by the fact that she had loaded her kids in the car, and drove to our home in the middle of a snow storm to deliver it.

As time has passed, and we have added another sweet *occasionally loud* spirit to our home, I’ve come to realize that her advice was a true gem in her gift. You are probably going to read this from me more than once: MOTHERHOOD CAN BE NUTS. With two small kiddos, someone always needs me, and they don’t always call for me in gentle tones either. There can be so much noise! Sometimes all the noise makes it so I have an even harder time thinking straight! Sometimes, both babies are sad, or hungry, or want snuggles, or need a nap…and that noise is how they communicate it. Kaia is learning more and more words, but a tired, frustrated toddler is not usually going to turn to them as a first choice to get a quick point across. I am definitely guilty of sometimes letting all the noise drown out the still, small voice of the Spirit. The very same Spirit upon which I rely to get through my day, and assess my children’s needs.

At times, I feel my heart rate kick up, or my blood start to boil, and maybe even a few tears well up when I feel overwhelmed, outnumbered, and outmatched by my children. When I get to that point, taking a deep breath, saying a quick prayer, and asking our Amazon Echo to start Pandora works wonders (shout out to Josh Groban, MoTab, and Spanish Guitar Radio for helping me keep my sanity). It’s seriously like magic. Kaia knows starting a command with “Alexa” means music in our house. She instantly drops what she’s doing, or pauses her tantrum to start dancing. Our sweet girl is a performer at heart. Micah will stop mid-wail and start to kick or gently sway to the beat, and I get to catch my breath. Even if it only lasts five to ten minutes, the music invites peace into our home that allows us all the opportunity to reset.

Music has the ability to speak to our souls. I love this quote from President J. Reuben Clark Jr. that Jay E. Jensen gives in his talk “The Nourishing Power of Hymns”. He says, “We get nearer to the Lord through music than perhaps through any other thing except prayer.” Music, the right kind of music, can naturally bring us closer to our Heavenly Father. When I brought it up as my suggestion in our teacher council meeting as a way to invite the Spirit and be more receptive to its guidance, several others chimed in that it was a habit they or their spouses used in their homes. I had no idea it was a thing! I’m so grateful to my visiting teacher for following the prompting and sharing such valuable advice with me. I never thought I would come to treasure it the way I have. I feel that the longer I am called mami, the more I learn and grow with my children. ❤



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