Hurricane Harvey

Guys, whenever I get stressed or anxious, my physiological responses are a rapid heart rate and nausea. It was the middle of the night, and a nightmare just tore my sleep from me, and yep, I felt like I wanted to throw up. Whenever I dream of home, even though I have lived in several cities, “home” is Richmond, Virginia where I grew up.

In this dream, we were in a house in Richmond, but I realized all the surrounding towns had Idaho names. It’s flooding. The water is up to my neck. We decide to go back inside the house and up to the second story. I look out from my window…and there’s my baby girl…in the flood waters. Playing with a tree branch she is stuck on, thinking she is going for a “swim swim” as she calls it.

She’s wearing one of my favorite outfits, a blue and white pineapple shirt with white shorts. In that instant, my breath freezes, and my whole body becomes petrified. Not just in the terrified type of way, but like stone, I am frozen solid, stuck. She looks up to see me, gives me that huge grin of hers, and let’s go of the branch. Swept away into the flood waters.

I’m awake. MY BABY!! “Dream, it’s just a dream,” I tell myself, trying to shake off the confusion. I still can’t breathe, and then the wave of nausea hits. In fact, I was lying in a hotel bed with that baby who had refused her pack n’ play all weekend. Not only was she sleeping smashed up against me, she was on my arm, cutting off all circulation to it.

I don’t know what it is about this particular disaster that has struck me so hard. Maybe it’s the years of witnessing the destruction of floods and hurricanes, maybe it’s being a mom now. Maybe it’s all the reports of wandering children, or the one of a baby clinging to its dead mother in the flood. All week I keep thinking WHAT IF?

What if it was me?

What if that was us?

What if those were my babies?

I have this overwhelming desire to DO something! I saw a post that said don’t just show up or send stuff to Texas. Contact specific locations to find out what places need the help. Learn what places are asking for so that you can send the right things to the right places. As a parent, I just keep thinking about those babies affected by the storm. I wanted to send boxes of diapers, wipes, formula, and clothes right away! I have been looking for the right places all week. After doing research for this post though, everything I read stated that monetary donations were the best way to help. After scouring the internet, below is a *very incomplete* list of charities you can donate to:

For Diapers, Wipes, and Formula:

-Donate to the Texas Diaper Bank or donate via their Amazon wishlist here.

Amazon Wishlist for Austin Diaper Bank

-Donate to L.I.F.E. Houston here.

For Feminine Hygiene Products:

Amazon Wishlist for #HappyPeriod

-Amazon Wishlist for The Homeless Period Project

-Donate to Support the Girls or donate via their Amazon Wishlist here.

For Monetary Donations:

Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

American Red Cross

Save the Children

The Salvation Army

LDS Humanitarian Aid Fund

Catholic Charities

For General Donations:

Amazon Wishlist for Harvey Victims

-Donate via PayPal here.

This is in no way an exhaustive list! If you don’t see a specific charity here, or a charity accepting the specific items you want to donate in this post, try a quick google search adding “Hurricane Harvey” or “Houston, Texas” to the key words. My friends, disasters have stricken our country before, and they will strike again. May we always unite to answer the call to be “willing to bear one another’s burdens, that they may be light…and mourn with those that mourn…and comfort those that stand in need of comfort…” (Mosiah 18:8-9) ❤



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