Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Skyler loves sports. He follows his favorites when they are in season, and has played team sports his whole life. He played football and basketball through high school, with a season running track. He then played basketball in college before serving a mission to France, and played football and rugby for school after we got married. The man loves him some sports.

Idaho State University Football 2012

A week and a half ago, he got to play in the Idaho State University (ISU) alumni rugby game. The alumni team won, and he scored a try! It was a grand ole time. Few things (aside from family) motivate my husband to hop in a car and drive -he hates driving- almost four hours each way like these boys do.

Idaho State Rugby Team 2013

I’ve watched him play on several teams, I’ve watched my brothers play their sports, I even played basketball in high school! Shocker, I know, we don’t talk about it because let’s face it, I wasn’t very good. But, I was on dance team in high school, and participated in almost anything that involved dancing through college. Ok, you get the idea, go team!

Idaho State University Rugby 2013

So what is it about these rugby boys that has him coming back, and me riding along with him pregnant, or hauling children? Pocatello, Idaho is not my favorite place that we’ve ever lived, so I can’t say it’s for the scenery. We did make some amazing, lasting friendships during our time there that we enjoy taking the time to visit. But, seriously? Four hour trip with two small children after just having gotten off of work for the week. What gives?

ISU Rugby Alumni Game 2015

I’ll tell y’all. It’s the team spirit. The ISU Rugby team fosters a brotherhood the likes of which I have never seen anywhere else. They made our time at Idaho State so special! We love them. I’ve heard them shout their motto many times before: “Honor. Heart. Team.” For some reason this time around it really struck me, that’s how these guys play. With honor, full of heart, and for their team.

ISU Rugby Alumni Game 2017

As I watched Skyler play, I felt inspired. That’s who he is, and that is how we approach our marriage. We honor each other, fill each other’s hearts, and we do everything for our little team. We work together to attain victory after victory and make our family’s dreams a reality.

Our little team at the ISU Alumni Rugby Game 2017

Before I finished writing this post, I texted Skyler at work and asked him, “What’s a lesson you’ve learned from playing team sports that you apply regularly to our marriage?” You guys, this was his reply: “Probably if you build good rapport with your team mate you go a lot farther than working on your own.” He has no idea what I am writing about, and yet, he couldn’t have given a more fitting response. Y’all! I’m his biggest fan ❤



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