Marry the Man Who Will Help You to the Bathroom

Photo from our 3rd pregnancy: Catie McHardy

Can you believe before I ever started blogging, I wrote the bulk of this post in 2017?! Haha I was also nearing the end of our 2nd pregnancy at the time, and had pubic symphysis dysfunction that made it very difficult to change positions or even walk.

This morning, I had a dejavú experience as I struggled to get up (39 weeks pregnant over here with our third kid yo) and make my way to the bathroom. Skyler heard me, immediately came around the bed, and lent me his arm so we could pull me up sideways. Then he had me put my arms around his neck so that I could wincingly inch my way towards the bathroom with his help. As we started to move, he said with a grin, “it’s like we’re dancing!”

Guys, super unromantic circumstances, but boy did my heart flutter with how much I love this man! It got me thinking, it’s often in little moments like these, where his love for me has been proven time and again. So without further ado, here’s what I wrote in a note in 2017:

“Friends, Marry the Man who will help you to the Bathroom!

Last night I got “stuck” on my way to the bathroom…at 4:30 in the morning….after spending half an hour trying to convince myself that I didn’t reaaaally need to go, and could hold it til morning cuz I hate getting up in the middle of the night. It’s probably 3.5 feet from my bed to the bathroom, but sometimes rolling out of bed is agony, and something magical happens in those 3.5 feet where I have trouble going back to sleep…(hi, writing this at 5am cuz I can’t sleep) and won’t remember it if I don’t write it down now.

Anyways, I stood up…agony…and then I couldn’t move! This happened sometimes with our first born, but it’s been happening a lot recently with this baby. Usually Skyler will hear me rustling around and sleep talk something loving in his sleep (I love that about him), but this time he must have sensed something was up cuz he sat up and said clearly/not sleepy “are you ok?” I was holding the door frame and weakly said “no, I’m stuck.” To my surprise, (the man’s gotta get up for work and sleep is precious) he launched himself out of bed and to my side and helped me until I regained control of my legs.

Guys, relationships, much like pregnancy and having a baby can be messy sometimes. They’re sometimes mundane and not very glamorous, but sprinkled throughout the hard and the weird, are these incredible moments of pure love and sweet joy.

Photo from our 2nd pregnancy: Catie McHardy

This might seem like a ridiculous example of such, but I read an article about a year ago titled “marry the person who will help you to the bathroom” and I couldn’t help but remember it and laugh at the parallel. I felt a twinge of guilt as I had spent the better part of the day before telling him all the reasons I was not currently enjoying being pregnant; struggling to move like normal being my chief complaint (I mean, have you seen me chase after our toddler lately). He listened patiently, and though I was busy whining, I watched him quietly make up for my deficit all day long.

This isn’t the first time or, I’m sure, the last that Skyler will have to help me to the bathroom, but the tender moment brought all the memories of the way he chose to serve me throughout the day, and I felt humbled by the extra love I felt for and from him.”

It’s probably difficult to imagine when you’re dating, but y’all it’s pretty sound dating advice. Think about it, is this the man that’s going to launch himself out of bed at 4:30am (this time it was 3:30am by the way) when I’m rounder than a watermelon, carrying around an extra 50lbs of baby weight, and sweetly compare it to dancing instead of grumbling about it?

It was his birthday a couple of days ago, and it made me realize he’s been in my life for almost 7 years now! Back then, I knew my husband was kind, but I had no idea how tender he would be with me or my children. I’m grateful I married the man that chooses to work hard for our family, makes life so much fun, and yes…gets up in the middle of the night to help me to the bathroom ❤

Photo from our 1st pregnancy: Annaliesse Photography


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  1. This is lovely. 😊 I agree completely, it’s sound advice! My hubby’s a great one too, he was great during my pregnancy. Hurray for kind, loving men! x


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