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The Power of Music

A lot of my inspiration comes from our Sunday meetings at church. This Sunday was no different. During teacher council, we discussed ways we could be more receptive to daily spiritual guidance. I LOVE these meetings! I often find that these monthly gatherings bring to mind long forgotten memories, and useful principles that help me conquer my week. They serve […]

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Mami Brain

Mami, mommy, mama, mum-mum, mom. All the names I currently go by to my toddler haha. The brain fog that sets in during pregnancy, and at least in my case, never seems to go away. I can’t remember things very well, feel sluggish in thought at times, and often end up confused. I used to get so frustrated by it, […]

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Someone Else

This morning I got up and slid into my favorite pair of sweatpants after feeding Micah a bottle. “I’m ready for battle with these babies on,” I think to myself. I threw on a t-shirt that I knew would last me half the day, ugh who am I kidding? It would maybe last an hour before…well, we’ll get there. I […]

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